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Online Casino Security

As more and more people find themselves drawn to the convenience and excitement of online casinos, hackers and scam artists are not far behind. However, online casinos take security very seriously and the dangers are not as serious as players may think.

SSL Technology

One of the best technological advancements in recent decades has been the development, introduction and implementation of SSL security--or Secure Socket Layer security. In a nutshell, SSL is nothing more than software that makes information completely unreadable to anyone who is unauthorized. As an example, players can imagine their childhood code-cracking ventures and multiply those by one million or more. SSL is incredibly effective and many fraudsters simply avoid casinos that utilize the technology.


Firewalls are designed to protect the casino's servers from unwanted penetration by hackers and thieves. Though it is highly unlikely, even if a fraudster was able to obtain a way to decrypt SSL-secured files, they would still have to penetrate the casino's firewall. These are nothing like the simple firewall programs used by consumers; they are state-of-the-art and specifically designed to protect millions of dollars' worth of assets.

Usernames, Codes and Passwords

Finally, casinos ensure that no one but the original player can access their account. This is done through a series of tasks, including requiring usernames and passcodes as well as PINs and security questions. By combining all of these things together, hackers are much less likely to penetrate individual accounts. Players can rest assured that their accounts and personal information are held in high regard by reading the casino's terms and conditions, especially any clauses that deal with the company's liability in a case of theft or fraud.

Players who are concerned with their security in online gambling venues can rest assured that all of the appropriate measures are being taken around the clock. With usernames and passwords, firewalls and SSL technology, fraudsters have truly met their matches.