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Hi Lo Online Casino

For players looking for an incredibly simple and fast moving game, the casino game Hi Lo is a great choice. There is very little skill involved in doing well, though a little knowledge about cards and odds can go a long way. Players can learn the game in seconds and master it in minutes, making it the ultimate game for fans of fast, easy, and competitive card games.

How to Play

The game of Hi Lo is really simple. A dealer flips over a card in a traditional deck of cards. Players then bet on whether the next card that is flipped over will be higher or lower than the previous card. The lower the card is, the better the chance that the next card will be higher, and vice versa. Players can adjust their bets to reflect their confidence in their guesses, but the payout rates remain constant throughout the game.

Variations on the Game

Some online casinos have taken the basic concepts of the card-based Hi Lo game and have applied it to various other forms of betting on higher or lower values. For instance, Wagerworks Casino has a sequence of numbers from 1 to 100 shuffled in random order. Players bet all the way through as to whether the next number in the sequence is higher or lower. In this game, the highest payouts are earlier in the game, diminishing as more of the numbers are revealed.

The basic principles of Hi Lo can be applied to many different games and formats, including cards, dice, and even random numbers. Because it is so easy to play, players can quickly go through several rounds, learning new techniques to master their predictions.